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The sustainable solution


Cost savings are driven by the sustainability of using concentrated powder products and reusable trigger sprays

Tackle 90% of your cleaning challenges with just two products:

  • ​​FreshClean is our versatile multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser

  • SanitiserPlus is our powerful bactericidal cleaner and odour-neutraliser  

RJN's super-concentrated powder cleaning products are diluted at point of use into trigger sprays, mop buckets & machines.  

Our reusable trigger spray bottles are manufactured from 100% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic derived from UK waste and processed in the UK.  Bottles and heads are fully recyclable.

Secure tenders weighted in favour of sustainability

Plastic Waste

Diluting at point of use into our refillable, trigger sprays reduces single use plastic, which often ends up in our oceans or landfill.    


Reducing the volume and weight of goods on our roads reduces emissions, air pollution, climate change, noise pollution, ecological degradation, land consumption and landscape damage.    

Storage & Handling

Reducing the volume and weight of products reduces packaging and handling, warehouse space, cleaning cupboard space, rent, bills and utilities usage 

The Bottom Line

Diluting at point of use reduces cost per fill and eliminates commercial fill costs..  You get a superior product at as little as 6 pence per trigger spray fill.   



One 4kg tub of FreshClean makes up 1600 trigger sprays of multipurpose cleaner.  

One 4kg tub of FreshClean fits in a drawer or on a shelf

1600 trigger sprays fill a 2m high pallet, weighing 886kg

Embrace simplicity

Tackle 90% of your cleaning challenges, optimise processes and improve safety with our two concentrated powder products.

Experience enhanced sustainability, user comfort and safety with our reusable trigger sprays. 

Ensure staff engagement and the seamless adoption of our solutions with tailored user guides, on-site staff training and managed roll-outs

We take pride in consistently meeting and exceeding your expectations with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) tailored to your needs. 

Put us to the test

At RJN, exceptional cleaning performance  is our number one priority.  We love a challenge and invite you to request a demo.

With no cost, no commitment, and just thirty minutes of your time, you will experience the true value and effectiveness of our cleaning solutions. 

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