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Bactericidal Cleaner & Odour Neutraliser



Super concentrated powerful bactericidal cleaner & odour neutraliser for use in trigger sprays.

  • Perfect for washrooms, toilets, food courts & kitchens 

  • Food safe & non-tainting

  • Kills MRSA, C.Diff, E.Coli, Saph.Aureus, Salmonella Typhimurium

BSEN 1650.png
BSEN 13704.png

Dilute at point of use



Add water



Add powder



Mix well

Product range


SanitiserPlus Powder

Tub of SanitiserPlus with dosing spoon

  • 2 size options

    • 4kg

    • 700g

  • 1 Fragrance Option

    • Unfragranced


SDS SanitiserPlus Unfragranced

BS EN 1276 SanitiserPlus

BS EN 1650 SanitiserPlus

BS EN 13704 SanitiserPlus


Trigger Sprays

Empty reusable 500ml trigger spray

  • 1 dilution option 

    • Bactericidal Cleaner & Odour Neutraliser

  • 5 BICSc colour coded options

    • Blue - general lower risk areas 

    • Green - general food and bar use

    • Red - washrooms

    • Yellow - clinical

    • White - bespoke or site specific

Labels incorporate BICSc colour-coding reducing the potential for cross-contamination. Experience enhanced sustainability, user comfort and safety with our reusable trigger sprays. Clear labelling provides your cleaners with all the necessary information at a glance. Ergonomically shaped, 500ml bottles increase user comfort Trigger requires the lightest effort and is tested to dispense over 5 litres of product with out stopping. Trigger sprays are 100% recyclable and bottles are made from 100% PCR (post-consumer-recycled plastic).


Decant Pots

Empty decant pot with dosing spoon

  • 2 size options

    • 700g

    • 150g​

Take control of your product and leave the large tubs in the cleaning cupboard.   A modest investment that will be quickly recouped.

Our Empty Decant Pots are the perfect solution to help streamline your cleaning process and save you money. They provide a cost-effective way to distribute and control the correct amount of product to cleaners, cleaning cupboards, and small multi-sites. Decant pots reduce the need for large containers for each site or cleaning cupboard, improving your cash flow. By defining and monitoring how long a decant pot lasts a cleaner, you can also improve your profitability.


Microfibre Cloths

Large microfibre towels perfect for glass & stainless steel​

  • available in

    • packs of 5

Microfibre is highly absorbent. Each fibre can be a thin as a human hair creating a HUGE surface area for dirt and liquid to bond to. At 40*40cm, our thick microfibre towels will absorb a staggering 500ml of water along with an awful lot of dirt. They are a must for a sparkling, smear-free finish on glass and stainless steel. CARE •Rinse by hand or machine wash at 40 degrees. (DO NOT USE laundry detergent or fabric softener as oils in the products clog up the fibres making them less absorbent.) •Air dry or tumble dry on a low heat. MICROFIBRE vs COTTON Microfibre cloths •lift and trap dirt and moisture •leave surfaces clean and residue free Cotton cloths •Push around dirt and moisture •Leave dirt & residue

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