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Powder is the solution

Elevate cleaning standards, reduce waste and optimise cleaning processes with RJN's support 


Tackle 90% of your cleaning challenges, optimise processes and improve safety with our two concentrated powder products.

FreshClean is our versatile multipurpose cleaner and de-greaser.  SanitiserPlus is our powerful bactericidal cleaner and odour neutraliser.  

Using our concentrated powder products provides a multitude of benefits

Improve productivity and safety
Once diluted, our products are non-regulated and carry no hazard symbols.  Reducing the number of products used makes administration more efficient, minimises COSHH risk assessments, reduces training requirements and simplifies purchasing processes.

Optimize cleaning processes

Using only our two versatile products in your trigger sprays, mop buckets and machines reduces storage and handling requirements and de-clutters cleaning cupboards.  


Experience enhanced sustainability, user comfort and safety with our reusable trigger sprays. 


Reusable Bottles are 100% recyclable and are now made from 100% PCR (post-consumer-recycled plastic).


Ergonomically shaped, 500ml bottles increase user comfort.  Clearer labelling provides your cleaners with all the necessary information at a glance.


Labels incorporate BICSc colour-coding reducing the potential for cross-contamination.


We take pride in ensuring that we consistently meet and exceed your expectations with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) tailored to your needs. 




In your SLA, we define clear goals to establish your priorities and drive success.

Additionally, your SLA confirms frequency of communication, reporting and price review.  

This allows us to monitor cost/ efficiency savings, waste reduction, staff competency and prompt resolution of cleaning issues. 



Ensure staff engagement and the seamless adoption of our solutions with a service package tailored to your needs including user guides, on-site staff training and managed roll-outs



Tailored User Guides

We offer pictorial multi-lingual, site-specific user guides to facilitate clear understanding of which product to use and where.

On-site Training

Recognising the importance of hands-on learning, we offer on-site training to increase staff engagement, deal with specific cleaning challenges, raise cleaning standards and guarantee proficiency in the use of our products. 

Managed Roll Outs

We understand that seamless product roll-outs are crucial to successful integration.  Your Account manager will work closely with your team to minimise disruption ensure a smooth transition.


Place your orders with confidence knowing that we prioritise swift dispatch and reliable delivery



Swift Dispatch

96% of orders are dispatched on the same day and we offer two delivery options.

Reliable Delivery

For smaller orders, our FedEx NEXT DAY parcel service guarantees quick and secure delivery allowing you to stay on top of your operational demands.

For larger shipments, our trusted network pallet supplier ensures seamless coordination and safe transportation of your goods.

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