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It's all about water... 

With the devastating climate-related disasters put before us daily, can convenience be a good enough reason to continue transporting wet chemicals around our beautiful planet? 

Needlessly storing & transporting water generates huge amounts of plastic waste.  The financial cost is passed on to the customer and the environmental cost affects us all.  

Secure tenders weighted in favour of sustainability

Plastic Waste

Diluting at point of use into our refillable, trigger sprays reduces single use plastic, which often ends up in our oceans or landfill.    


Reducing the volume and weight of goods on our roads reduces emissions, air pollution, climate change, noise pollution, ecological degradation, land consumption and landscape damage.    

Storage & Handling

Reducing the volume and weight of products reduces packaging and handling, warehouse space, cleaning cupboard space, rent, bills and utilities usage 

The Bottom Line

Diluting at point of use reduces cost per fill and eliminates commercial fill costs..  You get a superior product at as little as 6 pence per trigger spray fill.   



One 4kg tub of FreshClean makes up 1600 trigger sprays of multipurpose cleaner.  

One 4kg tub of FreshClean fits in a drawer or on a shelf

1600 trigger sprays fill a 2m high pallet, weighing 886kg

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