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    Microfibre is highly absorbent. Each fibre can be a thin as a human hair creating a HUGE surface area for dirt and liquid to bond to.


    At 40*40cm, our thick microfibre towels will absorb a staggering 500ml of water along with an awful lot of dirt.


    They are a must for a sparkling, smear-free finish on glass and stainless steel.

    Microfibre Towels (Pk 5)

    Excluding Sales Tax
      • Rinse by hand or machine wash at 40 degrees. 
        (DO NOT USE laundry detergent or fabric softener as oils in the products clog up the fibres making them less absorbent.)
      • Air dry or tumble dry on a low heat.
    • Microfibre cloths

      • lift and trap dirt and moisture
      • leave surfaces clean and residue free

      Cotton cloths

      • Push around dirt and moisture
      • Leave dirt & residue
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